European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The ERDF supports the reinforcement of economic, social and territorial cohesion by addressing the main regional imbalances through support for the development and structural adjustment of regional economies, including the conversion of declining industrial regions and regions lagging behind. According to the category of regions supported, the support from the ERDF should be concentrated on research and innovation, small and medium-sized enterprises and climate change mitigation.


Together with the Cohesion Fund (CF), the ERDF will finance Malta’s Operational Programme I: ‘Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges’. In so doing, the ERDF will be supporting investment in infrastructure targeted at generating economic growth through the creation of more and better jobs, whilst sustaining an environmentally friendly and resource efficient economy.


The ERDF will also address the needs, imbalances and bottlenecks which have been identified in the relevant Country Specific Recommendations, Malta’s National Reform Programme, the SWOT analysis portrayed in the Partnership Agreement with the European Commission, as well as other pertinent national strategies.


Through the ERDF and CF investments, Malta will also be contributing actively towards the targets and flagship initiatives as set out in the EU 2020 Strategy.


The Managing Authority responsible for the above mentioned funds is the Planning and Priorities Coordination Division (PPCD). More information about the ERDF is available here.